Monday, January 16, 2012

From NH to DC

When we got to New Hampshire on Monday night, we had a delicious cup of tea lovingly brewed by Brian, then decided to go on a walk to the local fire tower.  Now, this was a longer walk than I expected... probably 2+ miles each way - not unreasonable by any means, but I just didn't know what to expect.  It was cold, so we walked briskly, and I have now realized how inactive I have been lately... sheesh.  Well, all the walking and the big hill and the end and all the stairs leading to the top of the tower concluded with a very prompt trip back down, as a policeman showed up and let us know (loudly and in spotlight) that we weren't supposed to be up there after dark.  Oooh well.  No trouble really, but it was a short view from the top.

On Tuesday we went down to Portsmouth and had a wonderful lunch at Cere's Bakery, courtesy of Evan (who, if I didn't mention it before, is tall).  We had delicious creamy curried pumpkin soup, anadama bread, and Ben also had some chicken tacos.  Evan also treated us to kitchen sink and mexican chocolate cookies... pretty hard to beat.  We went ahead and walked around town for a bit - you know, did some shoe shopping, mailed some stuff at the post office, etc.  And then, we hit the road again.  

Oh, but it was a short drive.  We just drove about a half hour down to West Newbury, Massachusetts and spent some time with Colin and Brendan White (more friends from UNH).  Their mom, Barb, is a professor from UNH and one of Ben's favorite people, and we were lucky to get to spend a bunch of time with her too.  Not to mention, Gram was there, and she was fabulous company.  We all ate a delicious family dinner together, and then enjoyed a long game of dominos... seriously, this is a game I should play more often.  It was an awesome night.  

The next day Barb fixed us an excellent breakfast and they sent us off with homemade blackberry jam from the berries grown in their yard.  We hit the road again and drove a bit until we got to Noank, CT - we stopped for a few minutes to interrupt Kevin's workday and say hello, and then it was on the road again.  We drove just a bit further until we got to New Haven, CT and then we stopped and ate dinner and spent the night.  The next day we got some breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, then busted on through to Baltimore, MD.  We stayed in a great hotel just a block off Inner Harbor - somehow we got upgraded to a Queen suite ... so we were treated to a lovely room, a free cocktail hour, and a delicious breakfast the next morning.  While in Baltimore we walked a few blocks to Little Italy and ate dinner at a great restaurant.  You could tell that it was a locals kind of place, because we were just about the only people who got menus... well, it lived up to expectations - delicious!  

The next day we got up, relaxed a while, and then made our way to DC for Ben's brothers wedding.  More to come on that soon!

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