Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The easterly journey continues...

And we keep traveling east!  Yesterday we made it from Kersey, CO to Lincoln, NE.  Nebraska was pretty long and redundant, but we made it just fine… mostly with the help of some very serious bingo playing.  I am happy (and sad) to report that Ben won 3 times yesterday… sheesh!  Yep, he won a little 16-month kitten calendar (which I think is especially awesome), a cap gun, and the caps for the gun.  He gave it a go in the car, which was funny, but resulted in us having to roll down the windows for a few minutes on the interstate, heh.  Guess we’ll save that one for outside…

Last night we ate at a local BrewPub of Lincoln, Lazlo’s.  They made & served Empyrean beer, which we had never had before – I had a porter and Ben a stout, and we were both pleased, pretty darn good.  Also, we were just an hour south of Omaha and the restaurant, of course, served Omaha Steaks and we indulged.  I had a really delicious cut of prime rib along with buttery salty sautéed green beans and Ben had a New York strip with wild rice… so good!  I don’t have pictures of the meal this time, but you can imagine how wonderful it was… the meat was even cooked perfectly.

We got up this morning and had been in 3 states by the time 10:30 rolled around – Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri.  We’re currently making our way through MO and will stop for the night somewhere between St. Louis and Louisville, KY.  Tomorrow we’ll be hanging out in Louisville a little bit, and after that we’re only about 8 hours away from home.  We’ll probably take it good and slow – hopefully making a pit stop in the good ‘ole WNC mountains - because it still feels like home even though our home isn’t there anymore - before finally making it back to the Charlotte area to be with our families. 

Okay, below is a new series of maps for your enjoyment.  First is the way out, second is our way back.  Also, just so you know, Missouri gas prices are competitive with Salt Lake City!  Hooray for sub-$40 tanks of gas!

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  1. What fun I've had catching up on this blog! I was going to say, "Go BIG, y'all," but you obviously have.

    Enjoy, and keep posting!