Friday, December 23, 2011

We would like to introduce you to our new travel companion...

Oh my goodness… suddenly we are on day 39 of 40, how did that happen?  Well, we spent a night outside of St. Louis and then made it to Louisville, KY yesterday.  Also, we are officially in White Castle territory.  Have you heard of White Castle?  It’s this little Mid-western chain fast food restaurant that sells these tiny, crappy, but also irresistible, little burgers.  Ben is a really big fan of White Castle burgers, so we have indulged a couple times (so far), and I have to admit that I have enjoyed mine as well.

We are also experiencing the worst weather of the entire trip.  Non-stop rain.  Bleh.  I know that it could be much worse - I mean, we could be going through snow and get stuck and not make it home in time for Christmas.  That isn’t something we’ll have to worry about, but it’s a little bit of a bummer after we went the entire trip with pretty awesome weather.  Oh well!

So, we have a new travel companion!  As we were rolling through Louisville, Ben and I saw this little camper and just had to have it.  Just kidding.  My mom got us inspired because she’s been talking about little campers for a while now, and then we started thinking about how much fun it would be to have one.  So, we’ve been doing a good bit of research on them lately, and one of the reasons we took the route through Louisville was to look at one we found listed online.  That’s right – we bought a camper!  Check it out:
It is a 1985 Uhaul 13’ Fiberglass camper (they were only made from 1984-1986).  It is super cute and in really good shape, but there are a number of projects Ben and I have in mind to make it even nicer.  For example, we’ll be putting in a stove and hood (the originals were removed by a previous owner).  We will probably alter the upholstery and Ben will do some other random work and repairs to it… you know, just to bring it up to snuff.

We had quite a time finding one of these little buggers.  First of all, our tow rating is very low, so it had to be tiny and fiberglass.  We also were limited because we didn't want to go crazy budget-wise.  Then, we found out very quickly that these campers (and similar ones of other brands) have HUGE followings… like forums and clubs online and everything.  We inquired about 5 or so other listings before this one, and they all sold within about a day of being advertised online.  We feel lucky to have scored this little egg.

So, we’re ending the trip with a bit of a bang.  It’s pretty awesome, because even though this trip is coming to a close, it’s like a promise to keep on going and seeing and doing.  Plus, it’ll make a mighty fine guest room! Haha…

Also, I would like to name her… you know, like a boat.  We’re taking suggestions for names.  Feel free to submit your vote on here or on facebook, or just send us an email!  

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