Friday, December 2, 2011

I am happy to report...

That we had a fabulous day!  It didn't start out so promising... we woke up to sleet, ugh.  Before long, however, the skies cleared up a little bit, and we decided to go ahead and go for a bike ride.  Turns out it was a great decision.  The weather was beautiful for the entire ride, and it was by far the best ride of the trip yet (at least for me).

We tried out another "classic" trail for this area - JEM Trail.  We clocked about 14 miles... and once again, the scenery was just beautiful.  This trail was a loop - mostly road and wash the whole way up, then a long descent on low-grade, smooth, hard-packed, beautiful cross-country trail.  Ben and I both had a ton of fun... it was nice and struggle-free and fast, just my cup of tea.  Then, to top it off, the final mile or so of the trail was along the rim of the Virgin River Canyon... slightly scary, but amazing!
Also, I won another bingo prize!  That's right.  I may or may not have taken advantage of the fact that Ben was napping, but that's his own fault, haha.  So, prize #4 - a gun that shoots foam discs!  And I took full advantage by shooting Ben with it.  A couple times.  I also happened to take it into a restaurant with us last night and shot him at the booth.  It was awesome!

And finally, I am also happy to report that Ben and I are good cooks.  I don't mean this in a bragging way, and I mean it more for Ben than myself really, but it's true.  I am always satisfied with the meals we cook... they are nutritious, delicious, and filling.  Ben cooked again tonight - we had sauteed brussels sprouts, white sweet potato, and shallot as well as buttered pasta and thai seasoned chicken. Mmmmm.  Check it out...

Also, a lot of you know that Ben is basically the animal whisperer... he denies the fact, but the truth is that all animals are attracted to him.  Just to prove it, as I came out of the laundry room at the campsite where we're staying tonight, there was some random cat rubbing up against Ben as he was cooking.  It just thought Ben looked nice and came to say hello.  It even tried to hitch a ride with us... who knows, maybe he's still in there...


  1. ben IS the animal whisperer. i mean, let's face it, raider doesn't get that excited for anyone but ben. and 14 miles? woo whee!!

  2. LOL! Animals are good judges of character. Also, that picture of you riding so close to the edge makes me nervous. Stay away from rims of river canyons, ya hear?!?!