Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And we've got a winner!

Hello People!  To start, here is a family photo from this past weekend:
 We’re still on the move… we’re currently in the middle of working our way from Grand Rapids, MN to Kersey, CO.  We decided on a route that would take us by Mt Rushmore, so we headed west from MN into North Dakota and camped last night at a KOA in Bismarck.  It was a really good night – we got into town pretty early in the evening so we ran a couple errands, went to an Applebees and had a couple beers, then went back to the campsite to make dinner and get ready for bed. 

The first thing we did last night was to purchase a new mac-daddy 2-burner camp stove.  Sorry Mom – the other one leaked fuel and caught itself on fire, so we figured a replacement was in order.  The new stove did a great job and Ben cooked up some delicious chili with ground pork, and yes you guessed it, the rest of the leftover Porketta.  Mmmm.

So, not sure where you are while you’re reading this and what your weather is like, but it is definitely winter up here.  It got down to 5 degrees last night!  We camped in the car again (it just seems warmer than in the tent on the ground).  It’s so nice because the car starts warm and delightful, then just cools down throughout the night.  We woke up to frozen crystallized windows and cold air, but it was cozy in our sleeping bags.  Ben pan-fried thick slices of homemade banana bread and made mocha with pressed coffee and homemade hot cocoa mix – all compliments of my Auntie Carrie (thank you!)… a perfect start to the morning.

So, Ben and I have been holding off on the car bingo until now in an effort to savor the experience… ya know, we don’t want it to be over too quickly.  Well, we decided to go ahead and bust it out for this leg of the trip, and we’ve each won twice so far!  We also accidentally messed up the order of the presents (Ben thought #11 was #1), so here is what we’ve won so far:
#11 – Another set of car games, including checkers, snakes & ladders & chess
#2 – A magic set… can’t wait to fool all of you with our new tricks :)
#1 – A whoopee cushion.  Yes!  I’m totally slipping this under Ben’s sleeping bag tonite!
#3 – A pair of sweet candy cane socks (pretty sure Ben is going to try and claim them).

We’ll get back in the proper order after this… I think we’re also going to try some more difficult bingo requirements… like the “L” or something like that.

So how many people have driven through North and South Dakotas?  Wow, they are big states.  The views are enormous… you can see for miles and miles and the roads are super straight.  I’ve never seen so many round bales, cows & buffalo in my life, but despite the redundancy, it’s a very beautiful part of the country.  Here’s another map of our progress – From November 15 through November 22.


  1. everything sounds so fun! i miss you guys tons!

  2. Thanks Liz! We are having a lot of fun! We miss you guys, are appreciating your books everyday, and are looking forward to seeing you soon! Maybe we'll be stopping by to see you on our way home just before Christmas :)

  3. I'm glad the banana bread finally thawed out and I know the mocha's were good I had 2 myself today!!! enjoy Mt. Rushmore, it reminds me of a joke Joe told me a couple of weeks ago...he wants to go to Mt. Rushmore and hang from one of the presidents noses and be a bugger!!!! I still crack up when I think about that one, so when you get there look for anyone hanging from a nose!!!

  4. It sounds like you two have had some pretty exciting adventures... I am in Hawaii right now with Allyson reading this..... 80 degree day with plenty of sunshine and time at the beach! I am glad that I do not have cold frosty windows to wake up to right now! Mt Rushmore is pretty neat to see! I hope you enjoy......