Monday, November 21, 2011

Mmmm Porketta

The weekend with the whole Clusiau family finished up as nicely as I can imagine.  We all got together for dinner yesterday, relaxed last night, and then Ben and I visited my Uncle Tom's dealership this morning to see what my grandfather started and say one last goodbye.  I left with the feeling that the Clusiaus are like home... I can't wait to plan the next visit and continue keeping up with each other.

So, I've got to tell you guys a little bit about Porketta.  Have you ever heard of it?  Well, a family named the Frabonis introduced this super delicious seasoned pork shoulder to the Northern Minnesota area 50 years or so ago, and they are still made and available today - not only are they sold locally, but now you can order their products online.  From time to time we got to eat Porketta growing up... you know, for holidays or other random occasions.  This weekend I got to talking with my family about Porkettas... and how gooood they are.

Well, let me tell you about the delight I had when we went to my Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy's place for dinner yesterday and they had prepared a Porketta along with all of the other delicious fare.  I think I almost drooled when Dave opened the lid to the pot and I caught a whiff of it.  This lucky girl got to chow down on one of the best pork products ever, then they packed Ben and me a to-go container for the road.  Let me show you the amazing burrito I had for lunch today:

This is roasted red pepper hummus, porketta, and some yummy antipasto that my Aunt Kathy made. (Hey, Aunt Kathy, do you think you could send me the recipe?)

Well, I just have to tell you about how my Porketta-filled weekend was topped off.  When we left this morning, my Uncle Tom had packed a cooler with a whole uncooked Porketta - that's right.  It's on the road with us and just waiting to be prepared once we arrive in Colorado (yes, Colorado family... get ready!).  What a treat!

In case you're wondering, yes, there are people other than the Frabonis who make Porketta, but it would really just be a waste of your time.  You should just go ahead and visit this page and get one for your next holiday feast.


  1. I could do with out the hummus, but that antipasto really does look good on top of the porketta.... ok I just had to add Porketta to my dictionary..whats wrong with people anyway??
    Glad you got to the garage before you left and next time you come we have to go to the cemetery's and drive by the old houses and what not... I thought of that this morning on my way to work.

  2. Fraboni's porketta is the absolute best. Hey Crystal, and Ben, this is your aunt Boston, the youngest of your dad's siblings. Wish I was there to meet you too, but it's nice to read of you in your blog. BTW, your dad and Tom get that keeping files thing from our dad. He kept files on everybody. We all laughed when we found our files after he died. I burned mine :-). I love that you describe food in your blog. As a Taurus person, I always describe the food first. It's our thing. I live in Seattle so if you make your way out here at some point, look me up. My siblings all know my number, at least in theory. Take good care.
    Boston Carter

  3. Hi Boston! It's so great to hear from you! I'm glad to see that you're following the blog. I also have a file (well, a few actually) that we found when we were cleaning out my dad's stuff - I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but that's not a bad option :)
    It is really likely that we will end up in Seattle - maybe we can meet up for a meal or something while we are there. I'll let you know!