Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello Busy (and awesome) Travels

Allllllright.  So, we had dinner on Tuesday night at the Colston house - it was awesome.  Momma Colston did indeed make us a delicious dinner of lasagna, salad, bread.  Not to mention the brownies and ice cream for dessert... yum.  We had some really good catch up time, and were sent off in style with pez (my favorite candy, courtesy of Allyson) and homemade cookies (from the Colstons).  We also ended u with a tiny tri-pod in our car... Ben, did you do leave that there on purpose?  Either way, we will certainly put it to good use.

For everyone's enjoyment (That's me, Ben, Kristen (Allyson's roommate), other Ben, Allyson, Nate & Nick):

So we left Canton without any real plan for the rest of the day.  We got a tip from Andy & Liz last week about an indoor mountain biking park - well, let me tell you, it will live up to all of your dreams.  We headed to Cleveland first to check out Ray's MTB.  Well, we ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours there - so much to do!  It's crazy that it's indoors, but your options are endless.  They have multiple "trails" lots of obstacles... even a foam pit!  Here's a picture of Ben doing one of the elements in the expert terrain (I stayed safely at a distance from that section!).

Well, something we have been failing at the past couple days is lunch.  We are working on this.  The goal for today is to eat some at a regular time.  Not surprisingly, after biking we were starving.... so we went to the website that follows the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to find a restaurant in Cleveland.  We settled on an awesome little place called MELT Bar & Grilled.  Ben drank a beer with the description "will give you a kick in the butt and big hug at the same time" - he agreed.  I had a pear cider... delicious.  We both had some green bean casserole soup and specialty grilled cheeses.  Mine was the "Parmageddon" and had pierogis, kraut, and sharp cheddar.  Ben's was "The Dude Abides" and had meatballs, marinara, and mozzarella sticks :)

That was the end of the excitement... we filled up the tank, I got a big coffee, and we peaced out of Cleveland.  We drove I-90 West until we were about an hour away from Chicago.  We had our first sleep-in-the-car-at-a-rest-stop experience of the trip.  Not to worry people, it was well populated (and free!) and also not illegal (we looked it up).

This morning we're on our way to eat at a fun little place called Wishbone in the heart of Chicago - close to where Oprah's studios are (were?).  Also, as promised, here is a picture of the Car Bingo (no winners yet):


  1. I love your blog - this is going to be fun keeping up with this adventure of yours.

  2. I agree! So glad/jealous that you stopped by Ray's. This definitely seals the deal that we've gotta head up to Ohio to check it out ourselves!

  3. Looks like yall had blast in Cleveland! Crystal, I did leave you the mini Tripod. I figured that there would be a few places for you two to use it on your adventure! Liz... How bout you and Andy pack your bags and head north. Come to my house for dinner and a nights stay, then we roll right up to Rays!!!!!