Friday, November 18, 2011

Next stop: Family

So, here's a sad Ben with his rental park bike:

It's funny... Ben has called just about every bike shop between Madison, WI and Grand Rapids, MN and nobody has the derailleur he wants in stock.  They are all super happy to special order it for us, but that's no real help to traveling folks.  They all say that they don't carry something that high of quality in stock regularly - only if they're doing a special build or something.  Hmph.  Maybe we'll order one?  Or just wait until we're in CO to get one?  Does this have something to do with the fact that we aren't by any real mountains?  It just seems like we could easily go to a shop in Brevard and find the SRAM X9.  Fooey.

Well, we are currently on our way to Grand Rapids, MN and we'll be staying the whole weekend there.  That is where the majority of my dad's family lives.  It really kind of hit me when my dad died that I don't know that side of my family very well... like, I'm not even sure I would recognize a lot of them.  So, one of things I really wanted to get out of this trip when we first started planning it was to try and connect with the Clusiaus.  It turns out that I am a lucky girl and my dad's brothers and their families will be keeping us for the weekend - we'll be seeing where my dad grew up, looking through all the old family albums, and most importantly, getting to know each other a little bit.  I'm really excited about it.

Also, I thought I'd post a map of our progress around the country.  Here it is so far... this is from Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon:

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