Thursday, November 24, 2011

Making Our Way South

The latest excitement of this Little/Clusiau adventure was a visit to Mount Rushmore!  It totally lived up to my expectations... I mean, how could the giant faces of 4 presidents carved into a mountain not meet expectations, really.  I don't mean to sound unpatriotic or something... of course I am appreciative of everything they did for our country.  But, faces carved into a mountain?  Isn't it a little... absurd?  Maybe even funny?  Well, our trip to Rushmore was most excellently topped off with a visit to the gift shop, and it did not disappoint.  Everything Rushmore was available - t-shirts, coloring books, patches, socks, ornaments, sewing kits... I mean, you name it and they had it.  And, yes, we indulged.
After the that excitement, we also visited a local winery and then made our way to the Crazy Horse Memorial.  If you don't know about Crazy Horse, he and the memorial are pretty interesting and worth looking up... you know, another giant head carved into a mountain.
The rest of Wednesday we spent traveling south to Kersey, CO.  Most of my mom's family lives in and around Kersey, which is just north of Denver.  This is another place where I just feel at home.  We didn't get to see this side of the family often growing up, mainly because of the sheer distance between us, but it's always easy and fun to fall into place with everyone when I'm here.  

After Kersey, I think we'll be moving on to Moab, UT.  Ben ordered a new derailleur since we never could find a shop that had one.  It's scheduled to get here, to my Grandparent's place, tomorrow.  And, we're not moving on 'til we have that part, because our bikes need to be ready!
Here's the progress so far... I can't believe how far we've come already!

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  1. I am glad to hear you got your bike part ordered!!!!!!!! Woot woot for some sick biking in MOAB!