Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh Moab... maybe another time?

So we're moving on!  We got up yesterday morning and spent some time in Arches National Park - it's amazing!  It is just another place that I find majestic... it's so awesome that these places and formations and landscapes are created naturally.  Here's a picture of Ben and me in front of one of the arches:
Since we slept late, ate breakfast, then did Arches, it was the afternoon before we were ready to hop back on our bikes.  We decided to go over to Slickrock trail, which is one of the classic places to ride in Moab.  The really cool thing about that spot is that you can choose to do a 2.5 mile practice loop, rather than starting in on the whole 13 mile bit.  I'm glad we started on the practice loop, 'cause holy cow!  It's like a different sport out here!  There were places where I felt like I was in over my head, and also some places where I felt like I'd accomplished something new, so maybe you would call it a "challenging ride".  After the practice loop, I decided to head back to the car.  As silly as it feels to bail on one of the classic Moab rides, I would feel a lot sillier if I got myself in trouble by getting in a little too deep.  I think it would be more suited for me when I'm a little better equipped, both in strength and skill.  Another day, Slickrock.

Ben kept on going, deciding to do another part of the trail, but not the whole thing.  (Don't worry, he had his cell phone and I knew where he was going and what time to expect him back... and it all worked out just fine).  He was really glad that he rode a bit more, felt awesome in some places and totally sketched out in others.  The bummer is, he did something to his knee... the uphills here are totally insane - like, hard to walk up, let alone peddle a bike.  He must have tweaked something while pushing hard on an uphill, and it's been bothering him a lot ever since.

We're a little disappointed, but the trip must go on, and we decided it would be better to take a full day of rest instead of doing another ride before hitting the road.  We'll have to come back to Moab another time.  We started out mid-morning, drove to Four Corners (because who can resist being in 4 states at once?) and then kept on going 'til we made it to Flagstaff, AZ.  We're spending the night here at a hostel, then hoping to feel up to a good bike ride tomorrow.  We're also hoping for some productivity in terms of oil changing, mail sending, and banking... hopefully it'll be a success!
And here's another map for your enjoyment:
And, just for good measure, a couple of mtn biking pictures:


  1. So when you guys visit Moab, "some other time" Liz and I will be in tow, Deal?

  2. If Ben rubs some Castor Oil on his knee it will help with any pain or swelling, Flag has a healthfood store if not you must go through Sedonna they have a few and the clerks will know what you need..you do not have to use the wool flannel just rub it on and your good to go, it may stain a little but not to bad....feel better Ben.

    Love, Auntie Carrie

  3. I am with you on the Slick Rock trail! When I do go back and ride it I am going with platforms and sticky shoes.
    Sounds like you are having wonderful adventures!
    Cheers from Nanland

  4. Andy - yes!
    Carrie - thanks for the advice :)
    Nan - I hear you.

  5. Room for another tow along on the bike trip???